Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming To Close The Deal

by : Tim Harris

If you aren't closing as many real estate deals as you would like, you need to learn how to speak another language. I'm not talking about learning Spanish, French or German. You need to learn to speak the language of sales if you want your conversations to translate into profits.

Neuro-linguistic programming, or NLP, might sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but it is actually the most efficient way to communicate in sales. It is a big part of the science behind closing deals. NLP is a concept borrowed from behavioral studies and it shows the ways in which verbal and nonverbal communication are interpreted in the brain. If you want to close more deals, it's time to get scientific and learn the ins and outs of NLP.

The conscious mind as well as the subconscious is influenced by everything that a person sees, smells, hears, touches and tastes. Everybody's mind works differently, but NLP studies have found that they all are usually classified as preferring one of three types of stimulation: visual, auditory or kinesthetic.

* If your client is more visual than auditory, your presentation should cater to that type of person with lots of pictures and graphs.

* If the client is more auditory, you should concentrate on great answers to his or her questions, as he or she will want plenty of conversation and solid verbal answers.

* If the person is kinesthetic, he or she will relate information to personal feelings and sensations. It is essential to find out which type of person you are dealing with in order to communicate effectively.

The trick is to watch for key cues in a person's behavior. Traits that are as simple as the speed of a person's speech or the movement of a person's eyes will reveal what kind of information they prefer. With practice and training, it is easy to determine if a person is visual, auditory or kinesthetic.

Can you imagine having the edge in a real estate negotiation before you've even said a single word? That's exactly what studying NLP will do for you. Even if NLP sounds like a fringe science, your competition is likely using it to their advantage.

In a market filled with real estate agents and investors, your training and skills is what will set you apart. You will certainly be a believer in NLP once you put it to work in your daily conversations. The more you master it, the higher and faster your sales will skyrocket.

Communication is everything in the world of business. Effective communicators close more deals; plain and simple. Avoid communication breakdowns with a client because you presented them information in a way they couldn't understand. Let NLP teach you a better way to do business. Imagine the benefits you'll reap after you learn the best way to explain facts and figures to different types of people. You'll save time and build confidence in your clients from the very beginning. You will understand your clients better and they will be more comfortable with you.

NLP teaches you how to speak the language of sales and clients listen to someone who presents information to them well. NLP training translates into dollar signs once you learn how to read people more effectively. Before you know it, you'll be closing deals as fast as Donald Trump or Brian Buffini.