Overcoming Fear of Talking in the Phone With Sellers

by : Omar Johnson

Every single person in the world at one time or another has had a fear of something. Whether it is a fear of something physical such as spiders, heights, the dark and water, we all deal with fears. For some real estate investors the biggest fear that they run up against is the fear of talking on the telephone with sellers. They suffer from telephobia.

Telephobia is the fear of talking on the phone. As a real estate investor if you have this fear and anxiety of talking on the phone with sellers you must overcome it in order to be a successful real estate entrepreneur. Do you have a fear of talking on the telephone to sellers because you are afraid you may screw up? Forget what you had to say? Or get flat out rejected? If one of these fears describes your case. Then this is the best way to handle them.

If you fear being rejected, you must rejection proof yourself.

Rejection is part of the game. It will happen. In fact it will happen often. Some sellers will tell you no, but you must not take it personally or it will be detrimental to your career as a real estate investor. Never let the fear of rejection stop you from making that phone call or visiting the seller.

If you are afraid that you may screw up or forget what you had to say use a phone script.

The phone script works because you know exactly what to say. There is no guessing or "shooting from the hip". A well-polished phone script gives you a consistent approach that keeps you focused on what you are trying to accomplish and achieve. When you use a phone script there is little chance for you to screw up or leave out important information.

Deal only with motivated sellers

If you have to overly convince a seller to sell their house to you, then they are not motivated to sell. You will never lead them down the path of closing a deal. In fact, they will be standoffish and resistant to your overtures which will create tension and unnecessary frustration. Don't ever fear talking to a seller this, just don't talk to them.

Deal only with motivated sellers. A motivated seller is someone that needs to sell. You won half of the battle when you understand that there is a big distinction between someone wanting to sell a property versus someone that needs to sell a property. One is a suspect and the other is a prospect. Deal with prospects only.

In conclusion, you should never fear talking on the phone with sellers because what is f.e.a.r. anyway? False Expectations Appearing Real. It's all in your head. To overcome your fear of talking to sellers on the telephone simply change your mindset.