More Affordable Homes Proposed by Government

by : Simon Weston

More Affordable Homes Proposed By Government

Proposals to build 12,500 new homes in Hampshire have been submitted to the government by Eagle Star Estates. 5,000 affordable homes are planned within their scheme. The Government is set to announce the development of new 'Eco towns,' which it says will reduce carbon emissions and help fight climate change.

The new towns are expected to provide affordable housing and to be built to 'Green standards.' According to the Wildlife Trust, many of the proposed sites are important areas, while others are on land designated as green belt or agricultural land. Eco-towns could be a visionary image for the future but this looks like a missed opportunity.

Stephanie Hilborne, Chief Executive for the Wildlife Trusts, said, 'the Government's current proposals make a mockery of the term 'Eco-town'. What we need to see is the planning system being used to avoid insensitive development and restore and create new wildlife habitats. We welcome the idea of Eco-towns, but to be truly sustainable, they need to be about much more than simply building zero carbon homes. We also need to build in the right places. Many of the current proposals will destroy important wildlife sites, fragmenting our towns and countryside at a time when we should be creating living landscapes; areas through which wildlife can move.'

The government cited 'commercial confidentiality' as a reason not to disclose details of the proposals earlier. Since then, a list of private companies that are involved in the plans has emerged.

Editor: Simon Weston