Waleska Homes: Build or Buy

by : Tim Dillard

The city of Waleska is located in Cherokee County, Georgia and is a small city with approximately 620 people. People thrive in this small and quaint community, known as Waleska. Gated communities provide a sanctuary for people who would love to live in Cherokee County. Known for its beauty and picturesque vistas, you can find it all in Waleska. Custom home builders will build you a new home, but there are a few things you first need to consider before jumping in.

First of all, you need to find out if there are any of quality in Waleska. New homes that are already built to suit your needs and wants for a home. There are plenty of amenities available in Waleska. Golf course communities are predominant throughout the city. Many of the new homes are luxury homes. You should check with the local real estate listings to see if anything suits your fancy.

With so much to offer in Waleska, golf course communities could be quite easy to find. It is not hard to find a new luxury home to fit your desire, however if there isn't one that meets your needs, then you can look at hiring a custom home builder to build your home for you.

Of course there are a few things you will need to consider when making the decision to build or buy a new home. Firstly, building a home takes much longer than purchasing one that is pre-built. You need to consider the finances of living somewhere else while your new home is being built for you. Building a home takes at least three months - if you need to move right away, building a home may not be an option.

If you do decide you want to build your own new home in a gated community, there are many considerations before you hire one in Waleska. Custom home builders need to consider the standards that are set out by the community association in the gated community you want to build in. Most gated communities have standards laid out for building homes in the area in order to keep a degree of similarity between the homes esthetics. It is important to find out what these standards are and ensure that your custom home builders know and can adhere to the rules set out by the administrating association.

You will need to find out more about the builders who will be building your new home as well - there are at least a few questions you should ask in your interview with them:

You will need to ask for references for other new homes that they have built in Waleska. Golf course communities in particular, may be the area that you want to build in. You should call the references and ask them about the quality and timeliness of the work the luxury home builders did for them on their home. You will want to ask about the work that was done, if it was done correctly and on time and if there were any problems with the building of the house. Find out their track record in Waleska. Custom home builders are best recommended by word of mouth.

You will want to get a full cost and break down of their services. Ensure that the cost of your new home includes everything, right down to the finishing of the house. You should also inquire about any extra costs or time that you should allow for, should anything arise that wasn't necessarily planned for.

You will want to request to be allowed to visit one of their work sites. Visit a work site in the town of Waleska. New homes here will tell you a lot about the builder you will be working with. You will be able to see if the work site is neat, tidy and organized and if the workers are working or luffing about.

Ask for some addresses of other homes in the area that the builders have built - primarily in Waleska. Ensure that the luxury home builders will follow the home building standards that are laid out by the association of the gated community that you will be building in.