About Arrowhead Ranch

by : Adam Morien

Arrowhead Ranch is a secluded, pristine piece of Colorado mountain property that offers the best in civilized mountain living. It is one of the few large properties available today where residents can live among folks of like mind and still rarely catch sight of each other. This is because every home site is buffered from the neighbors by common land, comprising about 1,500 acres, owned and maintained by the association of Arrowhead Ranch homeowners.

Arrowhead Ranch is situated about halfway between Montrose and Gunnison, on the south side of Highway 50. The beautiful mountain property Colorado was originally created to be a cattle and sheep ranch. Developed to take full advantage of the high, sunny meadow of Colorado and some of the most beautiful classic mountain forest areas as well, the Ranch occupies about three square miles.

This lovely mountain development contains both homes and vacant lots ready to become dream homes. Many locations are nestled among the groves of aspens and rich spruce trees that dot the mountain countryside. But there are also property sites in the meadows, where residents enjoy the almost year-round sunshine for which Colorado is famous.

Full-time dwellers at Arrowhead Ranch have made Colorado mountain living into an art form. But this popular area also attracts more than its share of seasonal residents, most of whom return time after time. Among the renters, it's common to hear the phrase, "I feel like this is home," even though, for one reason or another, they're not able to become permanent residents...yet.

The Ranch is well developed, with an infrastructure most inner cities could envy. The water system is central, and delivers pure, natural mountain spring water to all points in the development, (including fire hydrants, which are located at the requisite 1,000 feet apart). High speed DSL internet service and hidden underground phone and electric lines are a feature of every single lot.

One of the nicest attractions to Arrowhead Ranch living are nearby Blue Mesa Reservoir and Blue Mesa Lake. The latter is the largest lake in Colorado, a state chock full of beautiful bodies of water. Both the reservoir and the lake offer the best in boating, wind surfing, hiking, camping, fishing and water skiing, not to mention spectacular photo ops.

All the beauty of mountain living is at hand in and around Arrowhead Ranch. At one turn, you might glimpse a family of chipmunks under the startling blue Colorado sky; at the next turn you're just as likely to come upon a newborn fawn. With 1.5 million acres of untrammeled, glorious National Forest next door, not to mention other official national recreational areas, wilderness areas, lakes, ski resorts and "Colorado's Grand Canyon," Gunnison National Park within easy reach, this well planned, established development has as much to offer in elite living experiences as any in the world.