Things to Consider When Looking for a Condo

by : Leaftech

Virtually all real estate analysts agree that condominium purchases and the popularity of condominium living are on the rise in most major cities in North America, and Toronto is certainly no exception. New condominium developments are going up every month in the city, taking advantage of the limitless vertical space in the city rather than the limited horizontal space that was for so long the staple of the real estate industry.

As with any real estate purchase, condominiums have some specific criteria that a person looking for a new home will want to consider before purchasing. In this article, we will take a look at the three most important considerations when looking for a condo in Toronto; location, price, and condition.


The biggest appeal when it comes to condominiums of course, is their convenient location, often close to all the amenities necessary for good Toronto living. Located within urban areas, condo living means far less time taken out of the day just driving to get necessary tasks done (not to mention a lot less stress by staying out of heavy traffic!). Not all condos are going to be right for you in this area though; let's quickly take a look at some places you may want your condo to be located near to.

Work: You go there every day; you want your condo within easy reach!
Shopping: Next to work, you will probably find your condo location close to shopping for groceries and clothes most important.
Schools: More and more families are living in condos, as work demands a more urban living choice, and it's important to have quality schools within easy reach.
Public transportation: The ideal condo will be located close to subway and train stations in Toronto; after all, part of the point is to avoid having to drive somewhere yourself!


When it comes to condominiums in Toronto, there is a huge range in terms of price available. If you can afford it, there is nothing better than a $2 million penthouse in the most modern developments out there. Still, most of us look for slightly more affordable condos; determine your budget by figuring out how much you can realistically afford to pay in mortgage each month, and then get pre-approved for the loan.


Many people will find that older condo buildings will be better suited both for their location and price considerations, but with older buildings, condition becomes a factor. Before you buy, take a careful look at the common facilities and the details of the individual units for sale. Remember to make enquiries into the age and operation of the heating, plumbing, and electrical systems as well; you want to be sure that when it comes time to sell you will be able to get your money out!