Tips to Stress Free Moving

by : Allegro

Moving can be a stressful experience for everyone involved, from family to friends and to even your pets. To cut down on hassle and have a relatively stress free moving experience, there are some helpful tips.

Find out about utilities in advance. If you're renting an apartment, that is usually taken care of, but there may be other considerations like garbage service, Internet and cable and more. If you're moving to a rental house, you'll definitely benefit from arranging for the power to be turned on in advance, as well as water, garbage service, cable or satellite and Internet service. Having these services in place and turned on prior to your first night in the new place will help a lot.

Make a plan for moving. Know ahead of time how you'll be moving, whether with a moving company or doing it yourself. Know what materials you'll need for the job, like boxes, tape and packing supplies or whether your company will provide them for you. Having a plan for the entire process will help streamline the experience and make everything run much more smoothly.

Pack each room individually and label the boxes, indicating what room they will go in once in the new place. This will make the entire process better, from start to finish. Packing each room individually will cut down on the seeming workload and unloading will be much easier if you know where to place each box as it comes off the truck.
Pack early, not late. Start several days before the moving date, leaving only essentials to be packed on the day of the move. Doing this will greatly reduce your stress and help maintain your excitement about the new place.

When packing your boxes, put heavier items in smaller boxes and lighter items in bigger boxes. If you're mixing light and heavy contents, put the heavier items in the bottom. Be careful not to overload your boxes, keep them as light and manageable as possible to help keep yourself injury free.

Stage your boxes in a central location the day before the move. You can use a central hallway or your garage to do this. Having everything in a single location will go a long way towards keeping your stress level down and making the experience a better one.
Load the truck in a logical way, with large, heavy items and boxes on bottom. Stacking your boxes like puzzle pieces will also help the load stay together and make sure nothing falls or slides while in transit. Large items like furniture should be wrapped in blankets to help minimize the potential for damage.

Unload your belongings into the rooms that are indicated by the label. This will keep you from having an enormous pile of boxes right in the way and will make the unpacking process easier if you can go room by room.