Rustic Home Builder Roundup

by : Joe Cline

Log Home Builders -- Building Artistic Dream House

A rustic log home, wooden picket fences, a small, shaded porch. You want your Texas home to look like this: old-fashioned and beautiful. However, you want your dream house to be a "working" home, a fully functional home with a reliable water system, state-of-the-art kitchen and modern living and play room. With these specifications, you need Texas-based log home builders to create your eye pleasing and functional dream house.

You need a modern craftsman

Brighton Homes and Parkwood Builders has over half a century of fine craftsmanship experience backing it to make a name for itself in the custom home business. It knows that just as each home owner is unique, so should that home owner's house be! That is why Brighton Homes makes every effort to accurately interpret what the client wants and carefully implement that client specification. With you and your family in mind, Brighton Homes considers your needs, your lifestyle, your every fancy, in building your dream house. They provide you with a wide array of designs to choose from, and gives you as much flexibility as you need to customize those designs according to your preferences.

They know they will never fail to satisfy you as they place a high premium on quality, from the construction materials to the craftsmanship that nails every piece of wood in place. Subjecting this combination further to the most exacting standards, both internal and industry-wide, further strengthens that quality craftsmanship seal. What is even more beautiful is that they also customize or tailor-fit everything according to your budget. To them, financial constraints should never be a hindrance to your owning the house of your dreams; it will only be a matter of expert matching of your resources with your preferences.

From new home construction, to sale of pre-owned homes, to renovation according to your specifications, you are always assured of Brighton's mark. As a member of the K. Hovnanian group of homebuilders whose track record speaks of over half a century of expert craftsmanship, you are assured that every member of its team of designers and craftsmen has your full satisfaction in mind. So whether you are in the market for a new home or a pre-owned one, consider Brighton for that need and make their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction work for you.

Other log home builders to consider

Brighton Homes and Parkwood Builders is not the only log home builders in Texas. There are a number of equally talented log home builders in the area that can help you build your dream house from scratch to finish. Know of other log home builders in your area through a realtor. Call a realtor now to help you decide on which log home builder to consider.