The Most Important Factors in Sofia Apartments Purchase

by : John Adamm

When looking for a place to settle in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, there are several important factors should be taken into consideration in taking the decision.

Traffic connections
Of course, traffic matters, especially nowadays that more and more cars are flooding the streets of Sofia and traffic jams are blocking the city every morning and every evening. Therefore, a huge advantage of a Sofia apartment would be easy traffic connections to other parts of the city.
Currently under construction about 400m away from the Sofia Business Park is a new complex under the name of 'City of Fountains'. It is planned to benefit to the maximum from the undergoing plans for the development of this part of Sofia. By 2008 a new metro station servicing Business Park Sofia is planned to start operation. In parallel, broadening of the section of the ring road running around Mladost 4 has already been started. In addition, an extension of the Vitosha Mountain ski gondola will be located in Mladost 4 from 2009. What is more, the new complex has also easy connections to the city centre, as well as to the Sofia airport.

Proximity to work
In close relation to the first one, proximity to work is another important criteria that defines the choice of apartments in Sofia. What 'City of Fountains' has to offer here, is the fact that it is just 5 minutes away from the Sofia Business Park, which is housing a large percentage from all the offices of international companies in Bulgaria. Currently, there are also other office buildings under construction in the same district.

Shopping opportunities
It is always easier when shops are close at hand. Hypermarkets 'Metro', 'Bila' and 'Technopolis' are all located within easy reach of the 'City of Fontains', and at the same time other chains have plans to further develop in the same area, including the furniture giant IKEA. However, shopping does not only mean hypermarkets - that is why, within the City of Fountains itself, a boutique shopping area will also be included.

Leisure activities
What more could one wish for but a huge choice of sport and leisure activities possibilities very near to the place one lives? That is why, 'City of Fountains' does not consists of residential buildings, but has also a rich collection of a fitness and spa center, swimming pool, cafes, restaurants, hairdresser`s shop - in short, all one could wish for to do in one's spare time.

And last, but not least in the choice of Sofia apartments comes the park and places for children to play. Here again, City of Fountains, has something to offer - a large municipality-owned lot, located just next to the complex, is planned to be developed as a park zone. And even more, in the complex itself playgrounds will be located, as well as a kindergarten, in order to make it a perfect place for young successful families.