April Fools Day & Armando Montelongo

by : Jackson Hood

This conflicting real estate report was found on April 1st. The housing market is all fixed. Yes, the foreclosures are all gone and its a sellers market. Profit is everywhere. The is gold in the closets of old houses and there is money to be made in every housing market deal only for the rich. Real Estate companies have decided to stop building wealth for customers and everybody is going to sell t-shirts instead of Real Estate.

Free balloons will be given out at all Real Estate walk-thrus and its also possible that driveways will be paved with gold. Popular stars like Armando Montelongo will be at every house closing and there will be no interest rates for house buyers. The banks feel that is not necessary. Its a good time to give away free TVs and special gifts with your real estate deals and place cakes on the lawns of housing your going to sell.

Today is the first day of April and its a fact that every house sold on the market today and any house that is being flipped (buy, fix and sell) out quickly will have a 300% percent profit margin. All real estate deals sold are going to be given new free cars and if your nice, a free house. Thats correct, buy one get one free. Hows that for a good deal. But remember, this deal is only for one day. Come and get it! Dont delay. Get your free house today. Oh, and a rain check for a future free house also.

April Fools!