New Home Builders: New Breed of Dream House Builders

by : Joe Cline

Building a dream house is not an easy task. For one, you need someone who is patient enough and understanding enough to explain the processes of building a house -- what to expect during and after -- and the budget that you need every step of the way. You also need someone who is affordable enough for your needs and your pocket. With these requirements, why don't you consider the services of new home builders? The new breed of dream home builders has the talent and the skills to build your dream house, less the cost of long-established custom home builders.

A respected new home builder

Enfield Homes is a newcomer in the homebuilding industry having been set up only a little over five years ago. This new home builder was set up by Glen Screws as a subsidiary of the Glen Screws Builders. The newness of the company, however, does not discount from its capability to build superior quality homes. Enfield Homes took it as a mission to build homes that will exceed the clients' expectations. That driving force assures you of professionalism and reliability from every Enfield Homes project.

New, but not a neophyte

The company produces on the average about twelve homes each year. Price tags range from half a million dollars up to two million. Each custom home bears the distinctive Enfield excellent quality and superior craftsmanship. Whether it is a family residential, condominium, or commercial project, every Enfield Homes project is recognized in premier residential development in Greater Austin. That is because each project is assured of Glen Screw's leadership of the Enfield team of professional administrators and builders.

Looking at Enfield Homes' array of projects will give a more in-depth insight of this new home builder's track record. There is the Fish Pond Village, the Pecan Village, Dominion Park, Haley-Drake Business Centre, and Castlegate. You can view them at the Enfield Homes website together with other samples from the Glen Screws Builders portfolio. You'll see the consistency in the units' quality design and construction.

Enfield Homes prides itself in its distinctive construction style and the continuing relationship with the clients as two of the more important reasons to choose them over other builders. As client, you get not only the assurance of quality, the adherence to your specifications, but more importantly the after-turnover support. Their office is at 4407 Bee Cave Road, Suite 511, Austin, Texas.