Relocating to Somewhere Within Appleton Real Estate

by : Adam Morien

One thing owners should know about is that $80,000 can buy a decent house (with 5-7 rooms) in a nice neighborhood within 20 minutes of all the economic epicenters the Fox River Valley has to offer. In 2000, the average housing value was $100,000 - $124,000, with a number of houses in the $80,000 - $100,000 range as well. However, as of 2004, the average house price went up to $214,000 due to increased demand and appreciation rates. Don't let this discourage you, though. Appleton real estate has one of the largest pools of reasonably priced family housing in the Midwest. In terms of architectural styles and age, Appleton is predominantly comprised of Victorian and Neo-Victorian housing, with 6,136 residences built prior to 1939. The new home lovers should know that approximately 1,619 houses have been added in the last decade.
In addition to being one of America's safest communities, also offers an affordable cost of living (about 2% below the national average) and recently ranked # 87 (out of 323) in purchasing power, according to a national survey. Your property tax is likely to be $23.56 per $1,000 of value (meaning that a $100,000 home will probably cost around $2,200 - $2,700 in annual property taxes). Of course you get a lot for your money with good schools, fire / police services, parks and snowplowing. By contrast, the "Towns" (Town of Harrison, Town of Clayton, Town of Buchanan and the Town of Grand Chute) have much lower property taxes, although you may pay additional fees for waste disposal and the use of municipal parks.
Another thing you'll notice about Appleton real estate is the high quality of construction in the homes here. The walls are made with 2x6 boards (which are much sturdier than the traditional 2x4's used in most other parts of the country). Local Fox Valley real estate builders have custom-built most of the homes here, so you don't get that rush-to-ship / cookie-cutter craftsmanship. Inside the homes, there are unique interior characteristics like sand texture walls and faux paint (rather than wallpaper), as well as tinted Venetian plastered walls (rather than dry wall).
There are a few things to be conscious of when picking out that ideal Appleton real estate property. First, be sure to get a Radon test. Because of the early area industries, there are some neighborhoods where higher levels are detected, which could be costly to remove (and will undoubtedly affect the resale value of your home). Secondly, be aware that there are many trains passing through Fox Valley real estate areas (and they are loud!) So be sure you're aware of what noise levels to anticipate. Thirdly, pay attention to the water. While it is beautiful, understand that there is the irritating hatchings of the Lake Winnebago Fly, which will fill the air for several summer weeks in certain areas. Lastly, if you're a gardener, look at the soil before moving in. There is high clay content in some of the soil, which may not be suitable for all your backyard dreams.
Good luck with your Appleton real estate searching!