Rhino Dispells Steel Building Shipping Myth

by : Rhino

Rhino Steel Building Systems, Denton, Texas. Many potential customers seeking steel buildings for their farm, commercial, industrial or storage applications spend hours searching for a dealer of metal buildings close to their location. They are thinking that this will save them hundreds of dollars on shipping cost-due to the bulk and weight of an entire steel building package. Bruce Brown, president and CEO of Rhino recommends that, as a steel structure customer, it is important that you comprehend all facets relevant to the delivery of your order, but your pre-engineered steel building can be shipped from a variety of shipping points throughout the continental United States due to our relationship with manufacturing plants in varying locations. Although some metal building providers do ship via their own vehicles, most use a common carrier. Rhino also recommends that a thorough check of all pre-fabricated materials be made during the off-loading process at the customer's contruction location.

Rhino Steel Building Systems is organized in two division, the Steel Buildings division and Steel frame homes division. Steel buildings can include virtually any type of building application imaginable, such as steel barns, steel garages, horse barn designs, small or giant manufacturing plants, modular industrial office, steel gymnasiums, churches, metal storage buildings, office buildings, horse arenas, aircraft hangars, auto repair buildings and many more. A Rhino metal building is specifically designed to meet wind and snow load requirements for the buyer's specific area of the country as well as other requirements related to the performance of the structure. Rhino does not sell an arch steel building. Rhino's steel frame home division sells a unique "panelized" framing kit, including walls, trusses and all other framing materials and fasteners necessary to complete the basic framing system. Here again, Rhino's all steel homes are not prefab homes but steel frame buildings specifically designed for a wide variety of family needs in varying environments. Also, pre-fab homes do not have the modern architecture that typify rhino all steel homes.