Far More Than Just A Place To Live

by : Tim Stewart

A big part of what makes a house a home is the community in which it is located. There are very few places in which this is less true than at Seawatch at Sunset Harbor located in southeastern North Carolina.

Seawatch at Sunset Harbor is far more than just a place to live, and it is also far more than simply a planned community. Rather than simply showcasing the natural beauty of the area, Seawatch at Sunset Harbor is designed around the history of the area.

For example, the neighborhoods within each of the communities draw on a different historic element. One neighborhood is named for the Victoria, the only ship to survive Magellan's first journey around the world; another, Varrazona, is named for one of the first explorer's to arrive in the area that is now home to Seawatch at Sunset Harbor. Additional neighborhoods within the community are names for blockade runners and with a focus on the influence of Spanish architecture.

Located within a secure, gated community that has a guarded entrance that is staffed around the clock, Seawatch at Sunset Harbor does more than simply preserve the rich history of the area. Seawatch at Sunset Harbor also aims to preserve the natural beauty of the area.

It's for this reason that the community maintains open spaces for recreation, offers canoe and kayak launch sites for those who want to get out on the water and natural trails for those who want to walk and bike through wooded areas. Of course, that doesn't mean that there are not additional features for those who are looking for a bit more.

Seawatch at Sunset Harbor also features an outdoor amphitheatre for entertainment, a swimming complex and fitness center and even a full service spa. A dining area and lending library along with a community marketplace are also included in the amenities of the community.

And yet part of enjoying the community in which you live also means knowing that those activities that you are passionate about will be available to you. For those who are looking for a community that is ripe with opportunities to play championship golf courses, boating and sailing as well as afternoons spent on the beach, Seawatch at Sunset Harbor has plenty to offer.

Better yet, at the end of the day, regardless of what you are passionate about and how you choose to spend your time, you'll find that Seawatch at Sunset Harbor offers the thing that you are looking for the most: a home where you can be comfortable relaxed and - above all else - be yourself.

Time with family and friends is important; it's a feature that helps to make the community experience even more worthwhile. With the chance to get together with others and to still have enough space to be on your own, Seawatch at Sunset Harbor has a lot to offer. Whether you spend your time within your own space or you get out there and explore all that is around you, you'll find that the community at Seawatch at Sunset Harbor is a great place to live.