Timeshare Offers Are They Worth It?

by : Derek Smiley

What is a timeshare ? Well it is normally where you buy part of a complex normally with swimming pool and other amenities for a particular week or weeks of a year "for ever". A time share can cost a few thousand dollars to many thousands, in theory you cant loose because the timeshare will grow in value over the years and the yield of investment property overseas has borne this out over the years for the long term investment time-share owner.

Many resorts offer free tickets to leisure parks and other lovely goodies, to entice you to go to one of their presentations. These time-share meetings can be very powerful. The condominiums, villas or apartmetnts or usually of a very high quality and the salepeople very professional and very good at their jobs (they don't last long if they are not!). My only advie here is to go without your credit cards or other bank details.

You will get quite excited at the propect of owning one of these wonderful properties and find yourself signing up in all the excitment. The best advice here is to give yourself a cooling off period, whatever the saleman offers you! They will try everything from I will get sacked if you do not order to prices are going up next week to this is the last timeshare ever!

We have all seen those great never to be missed timeshare offers, but are they too good to be true or are they really worth it? Timeshare sells is a multi billion industry fueled by people dream of having a bit of their own sea sun and property.

The concept of owning a bit of property in the sun has been made possible by the time share industry and we have a lot to thank them for. The first thing to consider when considering a property to buy abroad is to plan and work your plan and allow for all the extras and the commitment you are making.

You may be asking what are these commitments. Well for starters if you buy a particular week at a particular resort are you really going to use it for the rest of your life?

At the monet your job may allow for a particular week, but what happpens if you change your week? What about all those little extras such as the service charge each year. I have known many case where this servie charge is more than what you could have rented a normal villa or condo out from elsewhere without the commitment and cost!

There are many sale boards up reading timeshare for sale by owner so let the buyer be aware! I have deliberately shown the downside of owning a investment property overseas as many people have fallen for the hard sale and regretted it once they have got back home to reality.

However I sincerly hope you find what you are looking for and look forward to seeing you on the beaches of the world.