House Flipping Ventures With Catalog Printing

by : Carla San Gaspar

With all the excitement surrounding the practice of house flipping, there's a good reason why you need to be on guard with your marketing strategies. And catalog printing can help you in that department.

Indeed, house flipping isn't really a new thing but the attention it's getting now is definitely unlike anything it's ever had. There are even reality shows documenting how flippers purchase, renovate and sell houses. What's more impressive is that these shows actually have good ratings. So if you're into real estate flipping, you know that this means publicity and with it comes more clients and better sales. So you're probably asking: why bother with marketing?

Keep in mind that with the hype also comes with more competitors trying to take a bite into this high-value market. It's of utmost importance that you get an advantage and be ahead of the game.

Since the buzz in house flipping is already there, what you need to start working on is building attention directed to your houses. Before you put your renovated house back in the market at a higher price, it would be best to give it a nice spot where it can be put on a spotlight and show what it is truly made of, literally. Showcase each room and the special details you added to it, showing it deserves nothing less than the price tag you placed on it.
Catalog printing: one of the best ways to accomplish this task

1.Use catalogs to show the new improved house

a.With catalog pictures, you give each potential client views that are permanently fixed on the best angles of your house and rooms.

b.At the start of your catalog, show the front and side views of the house then gradually progress to the porch or patio. After this, take your client on a visual tour of the house from the living room to the kitchen, up to the bedrooms and down to the den, and into the bathrooms and powder room.

c.Reserve a page or two of your catalog for added features such as a spacious game room, a quaint office space, a reading-conducive library or a lagoon-like pool.

2.Use catalogs to sell without directly talking to people

a.By having catalogs that highlight every nook and cranny of your latest house makeover projects, you can multiply the number of people you reach without needing to personally meet up with each one. This is made possible by mailing catalogs, and made even better by the emergence of direct mass mailing.

b.With direct mailing, you can actually screen which people may end up as clients and send copies of your catalogs to them. You can create a mailing list that includes people living in rented spaces like apartments or condos, or young couples looking for a new house to settle in the suburbs, away from the city.

3.Use catalogs to act as your portfolio

a.Aside from the houses that you are selling, you can include houses that you previously renovated and successfully sold. This way, your clients get an idea of the areas (city, suburbs, and beachfronts), types (bungalows. two-storey houses,and condo units) and extent (major overhauls, minor restorations) of house flipping that you do.

b.If some of the recipients are not interested at the moment, they can keep your catalog and use it as future reference. Whether they are buying a house or selling one.

When your clients flip through the pages of your catalog, they'll see house flipping at its best. Now that's an advantage that will help take you to the top in the one the hottest real estate trends to hit the market. So brew up the catalogs you need with catalog printing.