Build That Unique Bathroom Setting

by : Jon Caldwell

People are more conscious when it comes to their bathrooms. Afterall, I, myself consider this room my safe haven. Aside from remodeling, homemakers or family members are now looking for a more sophisticated bathroom furniture available. They are starting to pay a lot of money for quality bathroom furniture that matches their décor themes and their lifestyle. When choosing a bathroom furniture, the first thing you need to do is consider the size and shape of your bathroom. The shape and dimensions of your bathroom will have a large influence on what type of furniture pieces your want to place.

Keeping your bathroom warm all day is a major concern especially during cold months. Installing a bathroom heater will help you with this problem. Bathroom heaters are offered in different styles more than anybody can think of. Overhead heaters are made up of the heater and a fan and light combination. Wall mounted heaters are more stylish and can be fixed on any wall. Radiant heat models can be situated in any specific location. Towel warmers can also work as heaters. Any of the choices is a good buy and installing them safely will assure of a satisfying bathroom experience.

Before you start on a project of bathroom renovation, you have to first visualize the style that attracts you most. Think of furnitures, would a boudoir chair appeal to you, or a towel warmer or a warming system to heat your bathroom and warm your soft towel. Cold tiles could bring the chill on specially if you've just stepped out of a nice, warm shower, warm because you have just used your new steam shower. What about your tub, would you like to enhance your surroundings with dramatic colors that could easily change from relaxing to invigorating. Whatever your choice is, it would help to plan your style.

Quality of bathroom mirrors greatly differ. When buying mirrors, you should select something that would not just reflect your image but one that has some depth. Bathroom mirrors should be specially sealed at the back and at the edges to prevent penetration of steam and moisture. Without this sealant, mirrors will fog and will be ruined within a short period. When sticking the mirror directly to the wall, it is advisable to use mirror mastic to prevent staining when you put the adhesive. If you plan on using a large bathroom mirror, be sure to add support at the bottom to prevent it from falling.

Bathroom carpets feel nice on bare feet but it makes the room seem small. With the use of color patterns a bathroom could look larger than it is. Using soft pale colors on floor and walls creates an illusion of space and the same goes for bathroom fittings. The idea is to use soft, pale colors and add touches in strong, bold colors. Another idea is to paint a large stencil on the largest wall and put a mirror that could reflect it. A picture showing an outdoor garden or a beach gives the illusion of looking out a window and seeing open space.