by : Donald Morant

As Real Estate Investors, we get paid for finding and leveraging super profitable deals. That means Marketing! This ties in perfectly with our topic of Wholesaling this month. The wholesale business model specifically focuses on finding these super profitable deals and passing them along to others investors for a fee. To be a successful wholesaler, more than any other concept, you must clearly understand Marketing to consistently find the super profitable deals. Marketing is absolutely the rocket fuel for developing your business. So, how do you develop and implement an effective Monster Marketing Machine to attract super profitable deals? Here are the 3M's every super charged Monster Marketing Machine must include:

1. Market. The wholesaler must know his/her market intimately. Is it slow, hot or post-hot? What are the average number days on the Market? What type of properties do you want to purchase Single Family/Multi-Family, Ugly Houses, Pretty Houses, High-End, Low End or Middle of the Road? What area of your city do you want to invest in? Who would be the ideal prospect and how do you market to them - Demographic or Geographic?

2. Message. What is your Marketing Message? What message will you send? What message are you sending now? Will it be personalized? Will it be -We Buy Houses, Avoid Foreclosure, or Consider It Sold. You must decide on the best message to reach your target group. Then look at how will you test it? How will you measure the effectiveness of your message?

3. Media. What type of media will you use in your marketing campaigns? With so many choices, it can be easy for new investors to loose focus. Will you use flyers, post cards, signs, brochures, letters, billboards, e-mails? All of these avenues can be productive, effective and profitable. They key here is to start with a high level of focus, evaluate what is working, and what is not. Then slowly begin to add additional resources to your tool box as you grow your business and become more successful.

As you grow your business, remember that a successful and comprehensive marketing campaign, especially for a Wholesaler, must fully utilize all of the 3M's of Marketing in their entirety. You are the Fire Starter in the market place, keeping the heat on is what builds your business and moves the deals quickly through the market place. Whatever the goal you have set for your business, having a constant flow of deals is critical to your success. The time, research and funds you invest to develop your marketing plan will pay off in spades as you progress towards your goals.

So here is the challenge fellow investors...start developing your own Monster Marketing Machine today by implementing the 3M's of Marketing, and begin to find super profitable deals to become the pre-eminent wholesaler in your area! Now get busy Fire Starter!!!