Fsbo Benefits

by : Abhinav Sidana

Today's world, fulfillment of other's feeling about a particular work is very difficult. When some activity is given to a person & its report is not up to our needs, it will be very disappointing & difficult to handle the task. Similarly, If a person wants to sell some of his belongings like household furniture's, fittings, vehicles, or home through an real estate agent due to lack of time, he would under go lots of problems.

1. At first you should wait for real estate agent's schedule

2. Then there will be communication problem i.e., he should understand

your need & requirement.

3. Give up your privacy, which means leave your item to your agent to

show to a potential buyer's at any given time. For example if you have

come up with some emergency work & you want to go in your vehicle

& one agent's call regarding the visit of buyers will disturb your work

4. Agent will act as a middleman between you & the buyer.

You can avoid all these problems by being a self-seller & you will

find many benefits to sell FSBO. FSBO means 'For Sale by Owner' is a

fast moving technique used by many people to make more benefits

from the sale.


  1. Avoid stress by selling your item by self. Example, you don't have to wait for real estate agents call or give up your privacy. You can directly call the buyer when you are comfortable.

  2. You can save lots of money & time during sale of your item. Example, if you sell a home through an agent, he would take quite a lot of time & money as brokerage fee to sell your home.

  3. Effective communication between you & the buyer. Example, If you want to sell your house, you know your home better that anyone else. You know some specific point about your home like interior design, locality, and space better which will make the deal easy. You can explain all these things better than a agent to your buyer.

Thus selling through FSBO has become a best way to sell your merchandise & properties