You Can Count On Dracula Country For Wise Investment

by : Catherine Harvey

Forget Count Dracula and all the horror stories that accompany him. If you're looking for a foreign property you could do much worse than look to Transylvania. A highly under-rated country, this beautiful place has much to offer.

A corner of Western Europe relatively un-spoilt by the ravishes of the West, this country displays unique scenery that is both astonishing and comforting to know that something so glorious has, so far, remained untouched. Because of man's lack of interference, many wild animals have made Transylvania home that have since been chased away by humans encroaching on the wild in other countries.

Of course, if you buy foreign property, you don't particularly want to be happening upon wild animals every day but the fact that they feel so at home shows what an un-spoilt place this really is. The wild animals know their boundaries as do the residents so there is nothing to fear as long as you don't venture into the territory of the Lynx cat or wild bears and antagonize them.

Transylvania is the true setting to be able to get away from it all. Horse and cart transport is not put on for the visitors, it is a normal way for the locals to travel their dirt tracks. This is a place, ultimately, for those wishing to escape the rat race - given that much of it is around one hundred years behind what us in the spoilt Western rat race are used to.

Think that sounds unrealistic and too difficult to live with? Imagine being able to look at the night sky and actually see the stars in all their glory. Not that dull, dirty orange haze that we are used to from all the light pollution but that true velvet black blanket studded with brilliant, diamond like stars that seem to envelop you and swallow you into a place where dreams of living life your own way can become a reality.

Produce that is grown or caught locally and eaten in season is second nature to Transylvanians and would quickly become a way of life if you decided to buy a foreign property here. They know the meaning of eco-friendly living and each day has sufficient to keep you going. This is real, back to basics living and the more the West becomes commercialised, the more people are hankering after the simple life of yesteryear.

You can still visit 'Dracula's Castle' if you really need to see the place of a fictional character but the novelty will soon wear off. What won't disappear though, is the awesome feeling that you get when you experience the extremes of the deepest ravines and the stillness and beauty of the forests. Saxon villages and sulphurous caves are a fascination for the kids. Fossil collecting around the mountain lakes and looking out for black woodpeckers are things for those who appreciate the simpler things in life.

Mountains capped in crisp, white snow and acres of lush greenery are the things that will take your breath away. The breathe that is breathing in the pure, unsullied refreshing air to clear away the cobwebs and make you want to stay forever. Transylvania is best seen first as a holiday destination but get a taste for the pure good life and you won't want to go home. You'll be eyeing up the foreign property before you've made it back to the airport.