International Property, a Lucrative Option to Invest

by : Kuldeep Goel

Smart investors clearly understand the benefits offer by the investment in the International Property. With the advent of the globalization, world is becoming a single country which has resulted in opening up of the several options in buying and selling international property. International Property is one of the lucrative options, as the property can be purchased at comparatively less prices.

Tourism is enhancing in the several parts of the globe offering high capital appreciation and increasing prices of the realestate purchase or property purchase. Investment in the International Property throws tremendous opportunity for the investors to purchase the refined properties of future at current competitive prices. Further, the better advantage of the same is the chance to buy property or purchase property home, office, shop etc. without being required to invest the hefty amount in the single transaction. In most of the cases, the general requirement is the initial investment of 5% to 7% of the total costs of the property. This clearly mirrors the ideal opportunity to receive the property at the considerable discounts over the future price of the finished home.

Not just the investors but the project developers are also benefited as raising the funds for the development is easy. Before any construction begins, the developers can offer the pre-selling of the preconstruction property, giving them a chance to receive the easy finance for the project development.

In the process of the presale of International Property, the investor takes a look at the architectural blue prints or floor plans and not the actual finished homes. The prices for such homes are at the considerable discount due to the investor's readiness to invest the finance without having a look at the ready to live home.

As the investor chooses the floor plan, finalizes the location, and gives his consent the subsequent step is to get the reservation of the same. As discussed above, the investor needs to pay anywhere from 5 % to 7 % of the total cost of the selected property. Once the finance is paid, the relevant paper work takes place and then the construction happen.

The construction period varies from property to property however with the technological advancement in the construction industry, the major work is expected to complete within six to ten weeks. The investor would then be able to identify the shape given to the home, which will also help him to visualize how the finished home will look after construction.

Once the country is chosen, the next is to finalize the option between investing in the constructed or pre-constructed property. As there is lot of finance required in the finished homes, pre construction homes can be a good option wherein the money requirement is definitely less as compare to the developed homes, offices etc.