Having Good Legal Documents With Properite Landlord Software

by : Simon Harris

landlord software or software dedicated to a landlord's needs and tasks has been around for a number of years and in a variety of guises. What's become clear is the need for good legal documents, e.g. tenancy agreements, guarantee of tenancy etc... There are a few like 'Properite' landlord software (www.properite.co.uk) that include up to date and legally binding documents to be used by landlords and letting agents.

Let's not forget that landlord software also covers tasks covered by letting agents as well as those encountered private landlords.

So, what must a good landlord software package do? Well, it needs to organize information about tenants and properties logically. Encourage a workflow that speeds up the day-to-day running of a rental portfolio.

It must include legal template documents, for example, a Tenancy Agreement and Guarantee of Tenancy at a minimum. Year-on-year the UK introduces new rules and regulations to ensure Tenants and Landlords are protected. For example, we have seen the introduction of the Tenant Deposit Scheme and new HMO regulations to quote a few. The software must reflect these changes and be able to update itself.

Any landlord software?must help the user not frustrate them! Like all good software packages it must not force the user to fill in every last detail. It must allow the user to use as little or as much of the package as required. The backbone of any good landlord software application is a good diary and task facility that ensures important events and jobs do not get forgotten. It must integrate tasks and ensure that it does a better job than using disparate packages like Word or Excel. An essential task is getting an advert of each property online with as little fuss as possible.

Put simply, landlord software packages are useful software tools to help landlords and letting agents manage their rental portfolios in the digital age. However, they must also include relevant legal documents to help successfully run a rental portfolio.