Wedding Ring Traditions

by : sarahbaltic

Everyday, couples exchange vows and rings as part of their wedding ceremony. Surprisingly though, most people are unfamiliar with the historic meaning of wearing a wedding ring.

There are actually quite a few reasons for this age-old tradition. The circular shape was a sign of never-ending love between the couple, with no beginning or end. Some early engagement rings were a symbol of the sale of the bride that occurred from the father to the groom. Also, since Roman times it has been believed that the ring finger contains a vein that is directly connected to the heart.

In early days rings were used to seal the deal of an engagement only. Thanks to Pope Innocent III in the 13th century, women get two rings: an engagement ring and wedding ring. He instituted a waiting period between the engagement and the actual marriage and also required that a ring be used in the wedding ceremony.

These days more and more couples are choosing to spice up their wedding rings and go beyond the traditional band. Diamonds can be found encircling the band of men's and woman's rings alike. Colored stones and even pearls are gracing the tops of wedding bands, as more couples move away from tradition. Engraved wedding bands are also very popular in the U.S. today.

Dave Taylor, sales executive at, opted to go the non-traditional route when he and his then-fiancee were choosing wedding rings. Taylor said that upon discussing whether or not a ring would be bought for the engagement, it was also decided that if rings were exchanged in the wedding ceremony they would do something untraditional. We are people that consider ourselves out of the ordinary and we wanted something different. I gave her a beautiful eternity band, but instead of diamonds it had round blue sapphires, said Taylor.

Taylor also said that offers many different wedding rings, from the most traditional bands to more contemporary designer pieces. It is all about what the couple wants and we are here to offer that.

So whether or not you think about the tradition behind wearing wedding rings, know that you can't go wrong with your ring selection be it traditional or nontraditional.