Akoya Pearl Necklace

by : charisestillson

If you are in the market for an Akoya pearl necklace, learning a little bit about pearls can be very useful in ensuring you get exactly what you want. Akoya pearls are originally from Japan and were the first saltwater pearls to be cultured in the early twentieth century from the Akoya oyster.

Akoya pearls tend to be between six and eight millimetres and are usually flawless or have very minimal flaws. They are round pearls with a high level of lustre. They are white with a pinkish hue to them. You can get an Akoya pearl necklace, earrings, bracelet, ring, pendant, broach or other jewelled items with Akoya pearls in them.

Pearls can be very inexpensive to very luxurious and rare. You might want a specific color, size or shaped pearl and you might also want to examine the various styles and sizes of necklaces available when you begin researching the Akoya necklace offerings.

A collar necklace is only about 12 inches long. It's often a single strand of pearls but can be referred to as a dog collar as well when it's multiple strands of pearls in the twelve inch size. Chokers are just a few inches longer. A choker is a common style for pearl necklaces. The princess length is about 17-19 inches in length and the matinee necklace is between twenty and twenty four. Matinees are often used either as a single or double strand because of the length you can use it like a double strand choker as well. The longest necklaces are the opera at up to 28 inches and the rope at 45 plus inches. Many who love pearls have multiple colors at multiple lengths.

Pearls are very versatile. Whether you're looking for teardrop, round or baroque, you can have pearls in many colors and many styles. They are precious and sought after and many people who discover pearls become somewhat addicted to them because of their elegance.

Not everyone can afford the most exquisite pearls with the AAAA rating across the board. One of the nice things about pearls is that they can be enjoyed and admired regardless of their style and origin because of their unique beauty. Choosing the right pearl for you depends on several areas including your personal taste and style, your budget and where you procure your pearls from.

There are many online Akoya pearl suppliers. When choosing someone, it's a very wise idea to look for a company that guarantees you'll be satisfied and clearly states their return policy. It's also wise to choose someone who has certified gemologists on staff rather than simply someone who moves pearls from pearl farms to consumers with little or no value add in between.

The pearl is something you can treasure whether it's in your earrings, a beautiful choker or a luxurious opera necklace. Whether it's black, white, a rarer blue or white gold pearl, it's wise to care for them, insure them against loss and treasure them. When looking at where to buy your pearls including a pink pearl ring or Akoya pearl necklace, enjoy the process and find someone professional to deal with.