Wedding Band - Womens Rings

by : Jewish Talyor

A woman's wedding band most commonly is a gold band over the centuries, but with the modern materials and techniques of today, even the popular can be very exquisitely detailed and be an item of unique beauty. The plainest wedding band is made of white or yellow gold typically with no other ornamentation. Obviously the narrowest band is the least expensive if there are no other features or gemstones attached. Depending on the length of the fingers and the size of the woman's hand, she may choose a wider band still with no other decoration and have a wedding band that is classic in beauty and elegance.

The plain gold wedding band can be one which nestles up against a matching engagement ring. The woman's ring may or may not match that of her spouse. There are even wedding bands which don't look like much if worn by themselves. They are designed to shadow the shape of the and to be fastened together permanently after the wedding ceremony. Other bands are worn on the left hand separately while the engagement ring, if any can be worn on either the left hand above the wedding band or on the right hand.

In addition to the use of white gold, yellow gold, or various other gold alloys, resulting in colors from red gold to black gold, a woman's wedding band can be made of other metals. For example, the use of platinum in wedding rings has been popular even prior to World War II when the use of platinum for was forbidden so that supplies of the rare and costly metal could be used in the war effort. Since the use of platinum was allowed again, it has proved increasingly popular with women who want a wedding band which is durable, resists action of everyday wear and usage and has an attractive luster.

Another type of metal which is growing in popularity for a wedding band is titanium. Titanium has an attractive color, is extremely durable and has a natural luster which holds better than some of the other metals which are available. Because it is still somewhat exotic, the titanium wedding band still has a certain 'snob appeal'. In terms of price, it is hard to find a better choice for a wedding band than stainless steel. It is nearly indestructible in ordinary usage, holds a shine better than most of the other metals and is very inexpensive.