Category of Tahitian Pearls

by : Pattrick Jhonson

Tahitian pearls are acknowledged due to their dark colors as well as exotic appearances. Often considered as Black South Sea pearls, these are reaped in many special colors as well as overtones. Export standards of pearls have graded them specifically in two deliberations: shape as well as luster/surface.

When grading other sea water pearl types, Nacre thickness is also considered as a deliberation for grading. But it is no longer measured with Tahitian pearls as sales overseas are restricted to pearls with sufficient nacre exposure.

There are 4 basic shapes of Tahitian pearls. All pearls are basically divided in 4 types on basis of its shape:-

Round : Perfectly round shape with not more than 2 % of variation in its diameter. These round pearls are mostly used in making pearls earrings .

Semi-round : Nearly round from with the intention of a diameter larger than 2%, but with a reduction of more than 5%.

Semi-baroque : Conspicuously off-round shape that comprises oval, button as well as drop.

Elaborate : Unequal, asymmetrical form. Elaborate pearls, by meaning, lack an axis of regularity.

Another consideration taken into regards while rating Tahitian pearls is the exterior luster shown by a pearl. Surface takes into explanation the softness as well as excellence of the pearl skin whereas; luster shows the superiority as well as extent of light shimmering from the surface of pearl.

Top Pearls Have Following Qualities:

Perfect size

Enclosure free surface.

With excellent Luster.

Category's of Pearls:-

Category A: Perfect having slight feeling of bluishness which should not exceed on more than 10% of pearl surface. But, has a good luster.

Category B: Surface bluishness is not exceeding 30% of the total pearl surface. This kind of pears have medium luster.

Category C: Surface bluishness is not exceeding 60% of the overall pearl surface. Luster in it varies ranging from medium to low.

Category D: Surface bluishness is exceeding 60% on the overall pearl surface. It also has a very low luster.

Considering Tahitian pearl rating facilitates consumers to take an educated decision while shopping for a Tahitian pearls. After one learns to assess the core rating principles, any one can easily establish what additional value features which are attracting to their individual style as well as taste. These worth features comprise of body overtone, body color as well as size of body, whereas certain pearls are colorful as well as large in sizes which are painstaking and more valuable. Nowadays these colorful large size pearls are also being used in the form of pearls earrings as a fashion symbol.

Pearl should be valuable to you. On the other hand, it must be the one that fits your fashion as well as personality to its best.