Why Do I Consider ATV Skid Plates So Important?

by : T J Madigan

ATV is one hobby that eats so much of my cash. It often makes a roll of Kleenex surprisingly heavier than my starving wallet. But I never mind that, I have a super cool ATV (that Ive always dreamt of having as a kid) sitting in the garage. Thats it. My ATV is always sitting in that musty garage that friends often check nastily to see if eggs have suddenly appeared underneath the chassis.

As you might have guessed, the problem is that this baby cost so much that I would personally break down if anything should happen to it. And frankly, ATV tends to encounter a lot of potential damages on treacherous terrain or whats the use of an ATV. Might as well buy a hearse. So protect did I, and the best protection I can afford is not taking it out yet. But that was before I installed the ATV skid plates after scrounging enough money to buy a set of sexy ATV skid plates.

Okay disregard sexy, but what is an ATV skid plate? These are plates commonly used to cover the front bumpers and the underside of ATVs to protect the radiator, steering and the chassis (basically the whole body) from damage caused by rocks, dirt and other elements. This is an essential accessory. Except if you use your ATV to deliver the neighborhood milk, aside from yourself, your baby is also bound to get pounded, ravaged, and pounded yet again by a considerable degree. I could stand a minor bruise, hell; I could manage a tourniquet, as long as my baby survives the ride.

There are various kinds of ATV skid plates, and they protect certain areas of your ATV. But probably the most important are the front skid plate to protect the radiator and the belly plate to protect the underside, which, obviously is often in contact with the terrain.

I cant stress enough how important ATV skid plates are. If you are comfortable shelling out $8,000 for ATVs, then still attach the ATV skid plates and do Mother Nature a favor by not scraping every ATV you can get your hands on.

Now, here are some cool sites that offer various ATV skid plates that no doubt youll find sexy.

Most ATV Skid Plates purchased online are do-it-yourself. It comes with manual. But if you still have problems or have some difficulty identifying a screwdriver from a monkey wrench, you could always have it installed by a qualified technician.