"the Simpsons" Go Green With Volvo Trucks

by : Glady Reign

R W Simpson, a Sheffield-based fresh produce distribution company, has painted one of their latest SCR technology-equipped Euro 4 Volvo FH trucks with an arresting series of air-brush murals that feature characters from the famed cartoon series - 'The Simpsons'. However, the most functional dysfunctional American family may not be the push behind the trucks. It could also be attributed to the green trucks used by the company.

According to the R W Simpson Managing Director David Simpson, the idea of painting a new Volvo with scenes from the lives of the eponymously named 'First Dysfunctional Family of America' was initially mooted as an idea by the company's drivers as a means of raising the profile of the company. However, indulging livery is just part of the foreplay. In fact, the company's new Euro 4 and Euro 5 Volvo trucks, which are all set to operate at 44 tonnes GCW, are already achieving development in fuel economy. Compared to the Euro 3 FH's, which are delivered as part of the same 41 truck order, fuel efficiency of Euro 4 and 5 are increased by 7.5 per cent.

"Within one month of putting the new Volvo's on the road, we were seeing an improvement from the Euro 4 and Euro 5 trucks compared to the Euro 3 FH's. The trucks are loaded on both legs of the majority of trips. Adblue consumption is typically 3 to 4 percent of diesel usage and top ups are not a problem as we have an IBC dispenser at each of our sites," said David.

The Globetrotter XL-cab FH-520 featuring the Simpsons' murals, provided by Volvo Dealer Crossroads Truck and Bus, is equipped with polished aluminum wheels, an Office Pack, a Prestige trim, a microwave oven and a fridge. According to the company, the balance of the order includes the 15 Euro 4 6x2 FH-460 Globetrotter XL-cabbed tractor units with I-Shift and Prestige trim plus a Globetrotter XL-cabbed Euro 5 FH-480 with I-Shift. David is anticipating for the government incentives for the Euro 5 compliant trucks if the proposed London Low Emission Zone would be transformed into law.

The deal also includes 24 Euro 3 FH 6x2 tractor units. All 41 chassis supplied perfectly fit the automaker's Transport Information System and Dynafleet Communication Tool. The tool is utilized by R W Simpson's Traffic Office to monitor fuel economy and track vehicles to ensure that customer delivery windows are satisfied. Now just any body on the road could appreciate Homer Simpson's distinct as well as his ubiquitous Duff beer.

Volvo Trucks, a famed Swedish manufacturer and the world's largest heavy-duty truck brand, is founded back in 1927. The company employs about 20,951 people globally and produces well-equipped trucks. Volvo Trucks is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. However, it manufactures trucks in 17 countries. The high-performance trucks made by the company are equipped with quality for added protection.