Tips For Attending International Car Shows

by : Gregg Hall

If you are going to be attending an international car show then there are so things that you will need to think about before you go. You will need to check with your family and make sure that is what they want to do. Also you will need to plan out for flight and hotel plans before you leave because there is nothing worse then getting to a car show and not having any plans and not being able to find a hotel then you would be out of luck and would probably be stuck in some little room.

The first thing that you will need to do when planning out your trip is always know the dates of a car show that is international. The only worst thing that I can think of is for you to lose track of the months and for you to spend all that money on just a plane ride. That would be a disaster and therefore would cost you thousands of dollars that you just threw away because you got careless and didn't check the dates.

After you have checked the dates and made sure all is well then you need to start trying to find a hotel in the area of the car show. Nothing will be worse then having to sleep in your rental car the night or day before the car show. You will always want to get a room lined up so as soon as you get there you can just go dump all your luggage off and go exploring the area in which you are in. after you have a room reserved you should start looking for a rental car you will want to get a rental car that is cheap and you might even be able to ship your car over there to showcase in the car show.

Who knows you might enter your car and win every category, that will be worth the trip alone to win a contest international and then come back to the states and be able to say yeah man I won a car show in Portugal and won every spot not just the tuner division. I had a friend that did just that with his 1997 Honda civic. All he wanted to do was go over there and get a paintjob and his interior done in leather and he ended up winning the whole car show. That is the whole meaning of upgrading and building a car. Being able to ship it over seas and go to an international car show and shut it down American style with a tuner. Not many people can go over seas and win a car show but it is always a good chance if you have a nice looking ride. Even though it may cost a lot to ship your car over it will still be worth it to come back and say you won a car show when you were just going to an international event to gander.