Familiar Great Fast New Cars to Check Out

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

Speed is something that many sports car lovers want to experience. To help you get that awesome feeling of flying there are a number of great fast new cars to check out. We are for the most part very familiar with these types of fast moving cars. The Saleen S7 Twain Turbo is said to be a fantastically fast car.

The aerodynamics of fast new cars like this will let you zip along even upside down. The 750 horsepower engine will make sure that the speed of this car keeps you glued to the seat of the car even when the car is not touching the ground. For those of you who like to experience this feeling of ultra speed.

This car was dubbed as being one of the fastest new cars to hit the streets when it was released in 1995. For ten great years the McLaren F1 held that title. The maximum speed this fast new car could achieve was 240mph. even though the McLaren F1 is considered as being one of the fast new cars there are many items about this car that can make it an exotic car as well.

The F1 McLaren was made from costly carbon fiber. The engine compartment lid was a gold covering as this was considered as being a good heat deflecting material. As this car is made from carbon fibers it is very light causing this car to be able to travel at very high speeds. There is one other feature about the McLaren F1 that makes it unlike the other fast new cars.

This is the placing of the driver's seat. In many of the other cars you will find the driver's seat is placed at the right or left side front seats. The V12 McLaren F1 has the driver sitting in the very middle of the front section. In short where the usual front seats are the drivers seat is the only seat. Behind this seat there are two jump seats. These are located on ether side of the driver's seat.

The Ferrari F430 is yet another of the many fast new cars that can be found. This car has an aluminum structured body. This light weight substance allows the driver to push the car to the ultimate fast speeds. For this car it takes about 4 seconds to reach about 60 mph. the maximum speed that this car can reach is that of 190pmh.

There are cars and then there are fast new cars. These really fast cars are designed to reach the high speeds of 190mph quite quickly. These are fantastic cars not only to look at but also to drive. For lovers of speed these are the ideal cars to buy.