Car Charity Initiatives: The Perks

by : Alex Baumm

Are you tired of thinking how to handle and properly dispose your old car? You should not be considering selling it as doing so would definitely be not a win-win option for you.

Surely, you would be able to generate cash, but there are just too many risks and procedures, you surely would end up resenting you ever put up the used car for sale. Taxes could also chase after you, plus the tediousness and setbacks of possible ownership transfer woes. Thus, it is high time you do a car charity initiative.

A car charity initiative would have you donate your used car to a charitable institution of your choice. Nowadays, almost all charities are openly and willingly accepting such donations. Used cars are fast becoming a popular form of good deed donation, as owners use the car charity initiative as an effective and convenient means to dispose the used car.

Now, there is no need to find prospective purchasers or put up an act to be nice and perky to do some sales talk to convince a prospective purchaser.

To do a car charity effort, all you have to do is to choose a reputable and helpful charity where you would donate the used car. Donating an old car to a charity is like donating actual money. The charity would then arrange to sell the old car to be able to raise proceeds.

You know that charities need money to operate and continue helping causes. Because they are not businesses, they are doing activities to solicit alms and donations in cash or in kind.

The government is mainly very supportive of car charity initiatives. As such, it is offering perks and incentives to generous donors. The most a government can do to help is through offering and providing tax breaks and incentives to car charity donors. Thus, when you donate your old car, you are generating tax breaks. This for some is like a form of repayment for the donated old car.

Why do people tend to make car charity donations? First comes the humanitarian reasons of donating generously to help other people in need. Second, it is a fact that most car donors donate old and cranky cars for the tax incentives. Third, doing so is the most convenient way of disposing or getting rid of an old car.

Imagine what space you have to secure in your garage just to keep that used car. That space could practically be converted and put to good and productive use. You would also not worry anymore about refurbishing, reconditioning and auto detailing your old car. Doing such revival and improvement moves would definitely cost you some fortune.

All you have to do is to call a car charity of your choice. Raise your intentions to donate an old car. The personnel would keep you for a few minutes to get your details like your address and other important information.

In a matter of days or house, personnel from the charity would be at your front door to pick up the old car for donation. Just fill up the forms, provide ownership titles and surrender the old car key. It is time to say goodbye to your old car now.