Diesel Engines are Good Performers Too

by : carazoo.com

Diesel engines are always considered to be more efficient, less polluting, better economy and the most important cheaper than petrol. There were days when diesels were remarked as the most polluting fuel emitting toxics. There was a misconception that the direct injection engines were not suitable for the cars as they create noise and vibration. But now all issues have been cleared.
Diesel engines has proved to be more efficient in terms of fuel economy and also that they can perform much better than what petrol engines offers. The best example that proves its efficiency is about the Volkswagen fitted with V10 diesel engine delivers 313bhpand a torgue of 750Nm compared with the 6-litre, W12 petrol engine that producing the maximum of 420bhp and maximum torque of 550Nm.

The diesel engines also have a better combustion as they operate with the excess air with low energy as well as the higher compressed ratio. The other reason for that the diesel engine is favored What has tilted the balance in the favor of diesels is the new particulate filter that will be beneficial and these kind of filters were first introduced by PSA Peugeot Citroen and later the such were adopted by other companies like Toyota.
And also as engine grows old, the emission out put is more in the petrol engines compared to the diesel ones. Now the Fiat is working on the new project called NZEV (near zero emission vehicles). Fiat also started their project on common rail direct injection system. The other work that is under progress is the engines that will be free from oil change. This work was already achieved by the brains of Daimler-Benz that are ten times better than the technology that was used decades back. There are diesel direct injection engines available in the market where the oil change is needed only after 40,000km or two years compared to the petrol version, where oil change takes place between 14,400km and 20,000km.
Drive some of the diesel version cars and you will know the deference and will definitely change your impression about the diesel engines.