Water for Gas Ebook - Exploring Alternative Vehicle Fuels

by : Andreas Lee

With the rising fuel costs and depleting fuel reserves it has become imperative to find alternative fuels to run cars and other vehicles on. Some of the large automobile manufacturers are experimenting with hydrogen gas as an alternative fuel, but there are still certain issues which need to be addressed in order to make this alternative system successful.

Let's take a look at the various issues surrounding the use of direct hydrogen gas as an alternative fuel, and also the other options which are available.

High costs of Hydrogen distribution
Distribution of hydrogen to various parts of the world in order to be used as a fuel is the first issue that needs to be dealt with. The costs involved in transporting the hydrogen and building pipelines are reported to be very high and thus are not economically viable.

Dangers of the distribution of Hydrogen
Studies suggest that there are many potential dangers associated with filling car's tank with hydrogen gas. The safety concerns still need to be dealt with before this direct hydrogen alternative fuel can be put into widespread use.

Water - the better alternative for the source of hydrogen gas

A better alternative fuel which can be used to run vehicles is water. Not only is it freely available, but it is also safe to use and requires just a slight modification to the car engines. There are many people who have already implemented the system in their cars and are raving about the better mileage, longer engine life, and the considerable fuel cost savings that the system offers. Using water that is a container of hydrogen gas is the safest way in the process of converting car to run on hydrogen fuel.

The technology uses water which is broken down into two parts of hydrogen and one part of oxygen, known as Brown Gas, by the process of electrolysis. All it requires is a small modification to the vehicle's engine which can be easily done by following the instructions provided in the good Water for Gas Ebooks.

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