Understanding Motor Trade Insurance

by : Abdul Aziz33

Motor Trade Insurance is an intensive and extensive policy in the United Kingdom.? It is available to protect the businesses of Motor Traders.? The policy offers the best insurance for operators and dealerships on a full- time or part- time basis.? It can be tailored to meet your budget as well as fulfill your protection requirements.? Motor Trade Insurance provides coverage whether you operate your business from home or from a business premises.

Motor Trade Insurance is designed to cover various entities such as sports, prestige and import vehicle dealerships or operations such as repair shops.? The insurance protects scrap, salvage and vehicle dismantles.? Policies such as Road Risks policies or Stock of Vehicles at Trade Premises are also available.? All of these said insured entities involve flexible payments and installment plan options.? Additionally, many independent companies that provide this protection offer introductory discounts, yet they are limited.

Coverage may be provided for operators or dealerships that have issues with obtaining insurance due to pre-existing risks.? However, the candidate must satisfy certain criteria in order to meet Motor Trade Insurance standards.? The proposed buyer and all identified drivers must have owned a United Kingdom drivers license for at least a year.? The Motor Trader is authorized to have no more than two drivers between the ages of twenty- one and twenty- fours years old.? Secondly, all risks are limited to a one fault accident or one theft claim in the last three years.? Furthermore, no driver is allowed more than two fault claims.? Any designee or risk will not receive Motor Trade Insurance if there has been three or more fault claims.? Drivers should not have any unacceptable convictions on their driver's license or should there be any prosecution and/or police inquiry pending for such offenses. These convictions or offenses may inhibit coverage as they are unacceptable according to insurance policy.? Ideally, convictions that are beyond five years are not counted against the premium.? If a driver obtains convictions during employment, the number and severity of those convictions could justify a risk, therefore that particular coverage will be suspended.? Fourthly, the potential policy holder cannot employ drivers that have been disqualified from driving within the last five years.? However, if any disqualification is granted without fine, then upon the release of these five years, normal terms may apply.? During employment, if a disqualification is received that exceeds twelve months, that premium must also be suspended.? Provided that the DVLA is notified and a valid driver's license is issued, driver's suffering from any physical defect or infirmity will not be insured.? The prospective candidate is not eligible to be insured if a conviction of any criminal offense is revealed.? Finally, if a risk has been declined or refused insurance in the past or has had terms imposed by an insurer, that said person will not be able to obtain insurance under the policy of Motor Trade Insurance.

Despite the long list of risks claims. Motor Trade Insurance is extremely advantageous for Motor Traders.? Low cost Motor Trade Insurance is available from a variety of independent insurance providers.? This type of business insurance is obviously the best Understanoption for the motor industry.??