Secure Your Bike - Use the Right Kind of Bike Racks!

by : Tom Willer

In the city, it is easiest to travel using a bicycle. It is also the best way to save gas on your car. A bicycle is small and you can park it anywhere though it cannot be secured as you can do a car. With a car, you just have to lock its doors once you get out so that you can shop or go inside a building. The situation is quite different and somehow more difficult if you are using a bike.

First, you need to consider the location where you can securely lock your bicycle. Make sure that you do a survey of a specific area's security level and also the people who are nearby and passing by. Furthermore, you must also consider the strength of the object where you locked your bike, especially if it is out of doors.

Thus, you might like to consider using a bike rack. This is a sort of frame that is used in holding a bicycle in position to secure it in its place and protect it against theft. Bike racks are commonly used in vehicles and in garages. In the situation mentioned above, using a parking space with bike racks can be much better than just leaving it locked up somewhere.

If you are going to travel far before you reach a biking area destination, then you need a rack that is attached on your vehicle to secure your bicycle in place while traveling.

Here are several options for that you might consider, according to your particular needs:

- Wall mounted racks

- roof mounted racks

- hitch/rear ball mounts

- trunk racks

- folding bike racks

- front bumper racks

- tandem carrier

- spare tire mounts

There are various models available according to your individual requirements. A bike rack work both ways - it does not only protect your bicycle. It also gives ample protection for the vehicle that will be transporting your bike.

Trucks and cars are ideal vehicles wherein a can be used. The list of options given here can be available in various styles, sizes and prices. Nowadays, you can also shop online for your specific requirements.