How To Pimp Your Plate

by : Catherine Harvey

When it comes to boys and their toys, the car has to be the ultimate status symbol. The fact that large or flashy cars are said to be appendage extensions, they choose to ignore although get cocky about it and some woman is sure to wag her little finger and remind you.

According to a lot of men, a flash car is a bird puller. According to a lot of air headed women, a flashy car is a bird puller. So, if what you're looking for is an scatter brained bimbo then go ahead with that purchase. If you're looking for a more discerning woman then rest assured she will make a mental note of your car but it will be one item of a long list of pointers that she believes determines the sort of person you are.

If you have a sleek, expensive sophisticated car with the understated power that a woman likes to see in a man, then you will opt for something classy but not flash. If you want a cheap tart then go for the cheap version of an older flash car, whack on a rude or silly personalised number plate and she'll think she's died and gone to heaven. Keep gum in the glove box and a fake white smile on your face and you'll be well away.

Personalised number plates do have their place on our roads and not necessarily in a bad way. If you are looking to make your own unique number plate then remember that the letter E is exchanged for number 3, the letter A is exchanged for the number 4, the letter S is exchanged for a number 5, i is number 1 and b is a number 8. You can then mix and match these letters and even make use of the exact placements of screws to alter the look of your statement.

The DVLA also have a comprehensive list of number plates for sale and you will often find something appropriate in there although they will not be cheap. Their current top plate is FAT 1 which is being advertised at the knock down price of just 175,000. pounds So girls, next time you see that number plate pass you by, commandeer the next vehicle along and make after that man - he is loaded!

Personally, I would like a car expensive enough to put that plate on! Actually, I would quite like a house expensive enough to put that car in the garage of!
Having said that, this is not the most expensive number plate around. A family in Abu Dhabi have just purchased a number plate that simply says '1' for a 7 pounds million charity donation, doubling the last record set.

Sometimes, a personalised number plate is a good thing in that it can help to advertise a business, providing the letters are right, of course. Sometimes it can be a good thing in that it warns all us normal women of a sleaze approaching, particularly if they have vulgar looking number plates that refer to their appendage. 81G 8OY is never going to go down well with a woman with more than two brain cells because she's never going to believe it!

So, to clarify, a personalised number plate is a good thing, just keep it clean and keep it real and tasteful.