Pickup Truck Shopping Tips

by : David Arnold Livingston

Buying a new pickup truck can be very confusing. Of course you could go for a well known brand or manufacturer but still here are many options to consider.

Below are some guidelines that could point you in the right direction in buying a new truck.

The first thing that you should consider is size. Ask yourself just how big a pickup truck do you need? This shouldn't be a very difficult decision for you to make. All you have to consult are your needs and your budget.

Keep in mind the price of a new pickup truck varies. It can range from the affordable (like buying an ordinary car) to the very expensive (like buying a luxury car). A good basic pickup truck can be owned for around $20,000 while a full sized fully loaded pickup truck an go for as much $30,000 or more.

Keep in mind one of the most important features of a pickup truck is its engine. So the engine should be a primary consideration when buying a pickup truck. Most pickup trucks will have a V6 engine. This type of engine consumes a fair amount of fuel depending on what you will be hauling or pulling. However, full sized pickup trucks usually have V8 engines that use up gas pretty fast. A diesel engine is recommended if you need lots of power for towing things around.

Another consideration is the number of people a pickup truck can carry. Would you be using the pickup truck to transport people? Then you would be better off buying an extended cab pickup truck which can carry 5 or more people. You could also get a crew cab which can be a very good replacement for a car and can also seat up to 5 individuals. But if you are basically using the pickup truck to tow and transport things, then you could just buy a regular cab pickup truck which can hold two to three individuals.

Determine the size of bed you will need. The bed is the part of the pickup truck used for transporting things. Pickup trucks usually are equipped with 6? to 8 foot beds.

Look at the drive-train options. Pickup trucks come with either a manual or automatic transmission and you could choose between a two wheel driven or a four wheel driven pickup truck. Many pickup trucks offer limited-slip or locking differentials and electronic traction control.

Check the truck box configurations. Trucks come with different cargo box. Most have fairly straight exterior sides, with arched areas just inside the bed to accommodate the rear wheels. Many also have spaces in front and behind each arch so there's more room to tuck shorter cargo. On the other hand, some pickup tucks have flared fenders to provide more storage space. This type of cargo box is called a step-side box.

The Internet is a very good source for new and used pickup trucks. There are many websites specially dedicated to automobiles and trucks. From there, you can get in touch with local dealers. And even read a review of the vehicles for sale. Using such website is very easy for both sellers and buyers. Using such websites can definitely save you time when buying a pickup truck. Most automotive websites serve as an online market place for cars and pickup trucks. Sellers post the vehicle they want to sell. Then a buyer can browse through it. When a buyer wants to buy a vehicle, the website puts him touch with the seller. And that's it. They will even handle the transporting to your driveway.