Buy The Right Truck Camper

by : Ben Franklin

There's nothing like hitting the open road with a camping trip in mind. For those who don't want an extra vehicle to tow around a truck camper can be the smartest choice.

The advantages to owning your own truck camper are incredible. First off, you don't have to buy another vehicle when you go truck-mounted. There's no large camper to park at the end of the vacation. Secondly, there isn't a "second vehicle" to maintain and repair. By using your own truck, you've allowed yourself to multi-task your main driving vehicle.

Those who RV using truck-mounted campers, such as toppers and even fifth wheels do so for the freedom that's afforded them. Camping is a great family getaway and it's even perfect for the solo vacationer who just wants to experience the great outdoors while having some solid and comfortable accommodations along the way.

What's even better about going truck-mounted is the fact the camping accommodations can be as basic or as luxurious as a camper desires. For example, a very basic set up can be almost as close to "roughing it" as tent camping. For those who prefer a few more creature comforts, deluxe fifth wheels can provide a lot of the comforts of home along with a cozy bed and more.

Shopping for a truck camper can be a bit of a chore though unless some homework is done in advance. Getting started on the adventure first requires shoppers to set some limits of their own; otherwise, the search can be lengthy.

The first place to start is by setting a budget. Can you only spend a few thousand or is the sky the limit when it comes to your RV experience? Do you want to go new or used? Used can be a great option for those who want to stretch a tight budget and still get a great buy for their buck.

Once a budget is set, the next thing to look at are the types of truck-mounted or modified trucks you're interested in. Are you looking for a customized van with a small kitchen set up, a topper situation or a full- blown, all-whistles-added fifth-wheel?

From here, start researching what's available and do some studying on different makes and models. Whether you go new or used, it pays to see what past owners have said about a particular truck camper set up. Previous users, especially those who have really put their set ups to the test, can really speak well to durability, comfort, ease of use and so on.

If you're in the market for an RV, a customized van just right for camping or even a simple topper to protect you from the elements on a camping trip, a little advanced planning can really help you find the best set up for your investment. Camping is a great getaway for those who enjoy the outdoors and the investment you make in equipment can really have an impact on your overall experience.

In general, it's a good idea to buy a truck camper that not only fits into your price range, but those vehicles or accessories that will also do what you want them to and stand up while doing so.