A Look at the Biggest Moving Truck Company in America

by : Rory H. Hawkins

U-haul is a moving truck rental company that provides you with various different sizes of trucks and equipment to aid in your moving needs. U-haul can provide you with various rental moving equipment to suit your needs.

They offer things like a storage facility if you need extra space for your possessions. They have over 1,000 storage locations so you are never really very far from your storage space. They are open 7 days per week and offer you use of carts to move your items and out of the storage area.

They do not require a deposit for the storage space; you simple pay for one month at a time. They offer convenient automatic payments from your debit or credit card to eliminate the worry of paying it on time. On their website www.uhaul.com they have features that allow you to pay your payments online, control access to your storage space and communicate easily with the site manager. Additionally, they allow you to check your payment history and print receipts when you have joined their Premier Customer Club.

They have solutions fit for your home or business storage needs. They have several different levels of security to protect your possessions 24 hours per day while in their storage. Security features range from electronic gates all the way to individual alarms within the storage spaces.

Additionally they have an insurance plan available to you for an additional charge to offer added protection for your items. Most of the locations are climate controlled and provide protection for heat sensitive items like albums, videotapes, wood furniture, and photographs.

As an exclusive benefit to those using their trucks or trailers for moving, they offer one-month free storage with a paid reservation, that you can use before or after your move. The voucher is good for up to two years after the date it is issued.

For businesses, U-haul truck rentals offer storage solutions that are ideal for those needing extra space for inventory, records, files, promotional materials, and product samples. This can save your business money by saving you the need to lease more office space and avoiding long-term lease commitments. U-haul will allow you to adjust your space to fit your needs and changes.

There are many benefits offered to business customers like centralized reservations, nationwide corporate accounts, automatic monthly billing, and invoicing, accepting deliveries, 24 hour access at specific locations, dumpster use, fire sprinklers and alarms, controlled climate at specific locations and a selection of file boxes available to you.

Many people choose U-haul for all their storage needs based on reputation and benefits available to you at any hour of any day.