Gmc and Tornado -- Perfect Together!

by : James Russell

GMC's heralded line of vehicles is dominated by large pick up trucks and large SUVs. Prior to the recent spike in fuel prices, the GMC brand sold very well and together with Chevrolet the combined brands sold the most trucks in America. Come this past summer, sales nosedived as gas prices surged past three dollars per gallon. For existing GMC drivers, the pain felt when filling up was especially deep as pumps registered $70, $80, even $100 for a complete fill up. Many drivers had no choice but to continue with their GMC's as they are used for contracting work, landscaping, or to move large families around. Yet, seeking a trustworthy way to save at pump has become critical to salvaging many budgets. Fortunately, a "Tornado" is helping some GMC drivers do just that!

Consumers looking to squeeze more miles out of a gallon of fuel know that keeping tires inflated, avoiding jackrabbit starts, keeping the engine tuned, and driving with the windows up are sensible ways to bump up fuel mileage. Beyond that, there aren't too many technological enhancements that can help other than installing aftermarket air induction systems or performance exhaust systems to save on fuel. For new vehicles this step isn't a cost effective move, but installing a saver certainly is.

A Tornado Fuel Saver is an air channeling tool that is placed in your GMC's air intake hose. By creating directional flow, a Tornado Fuel Saver gives your truck a better air/fuel mix resulting in a more efficient engine burn. An efficiently running engine means that less fuel is consumed resulting in an increase in fuel economy of 5 to 15% with a noticeable increase in horsepower as well.

Made of stainless steel and no moving parts, you can install a Tornado Fuel Saver in your GMC and forget about it. It'll last as long as your truck and deliver permanent fuel savings that can add up to several hundreds of dollars per year; even thousands of dollars over the lifespan of your GMC. Best of all, this product is very reasonably priced with wholesale prices starting below $60 per unit.

If you own several trucks, then installing a Tornado Fuel Saver on each one can give you tremendous fleet wide savings. Best of all, this is one that is simple to install and won't cost you a bundle. You save money by installing it yourself and you save additional money over the lifespan of every vehicle.

Are you ready to start reducing your personal dependency on foreign oil? If so, opt for a Tornado Fuel Saver for whatever ride that you drive; you will find this to be a handy device and one "tornado" that is certainly welcome!