A Lesson About The Good Old Trucks

by : Joe Goertz

A man named Gottlieb Daimler built the first ever-motorized truck back in 1896. He was a German automotive pioneer who also invented the very first motorcycle, as well as the world's first taxi. Daimler's truck consisted of a four horsepower engine, a belt drive, one reverse speed and two speeds for going forward.

In early times, the intended use and purpose of a truck was for industrial reasons. They were used to haul things, and as new needs developed, so did new types of trucks. In early times of war, trucks were used to move ammunition and troops from one place to another, as well as to transport the injured and causalities among the soldiers.

Trucks were also invented that could be used for commercial purposes such as logging, farming, and later to mix and pour materials such as concrete. Later on, huge trucks were invented for the sole purpose of hauling other trucks and vehicles from their place of manufacture to sales centers all over the world.

Today, trucks are used for a myriad of reasons, and many different types of people own and drive them. Farmers everywhere use trucks to haul hay and small farm equipment, to move cattle as well as supplies. Those in the landscape and lawn maintenance industries also use trucks; wherein trailers are attached to the trucks in order to get lawn equipment from job to job.

Trucks are not only used for job related tasks, boating enthusiasts also utilize them. There are not many reliable cars that are going to be able to pull a large, recreational type boat, and where would you put the skis, ice chests and other necessities if the trucks' spacious bed were not available?

Trucks are made by a number of vehicle manufacturers. There are the regular size passenger trucks that seat only two people, and the large extended cab trucks that can seat five people comfortably. There are the plain trucks that come with just the basics, and trucks that come fully loaded with every available option.

Some people enjoy the sport of four wheeling, and so they purchase trucks that allow them to drive over rough terrain and through bogs of mud! These trucks are equipped with 4-wheel drive, while other trucks not intended for this purpose would come standard with 2-wheel drive.

When in search of a truck, you will need to examine your needs, and also determine exactly what the truck will be used for. If you have a large family, then a truck would probably not make a good primary vehicle for you. However, if you need a solid piece of transportation that can be utilized to haul things around, and that you can attach a trailer to, a truck might just be a worthwhile investment.