Groups Support Creation of Plug-in Hybrids

by : Shane Morgay

If you remember the documentary "Who Killed The Electric Car?", then you would probably have even thought that maybe hybrid vehicles and plug-in vehicles may have suffered a really terrible death. But you see, perhaps because of such a documentary, many individuals, organizations, and groups have already decided that it would be best if we all did support the creation, designing, and production of hybrid vehicles that can be plugged in. Two groups which are currently showing great support for such a move include AutoNation, Inc. and Plug-In Partners. And they also are having a campaign wherein they are asking vehicle manufacturers to start producing such a special and helpful kind of vehicle.

Mike Jackson, the current chief executive officer of AutoNation, does say, "The development of plug-in hybrids could reduce America's addiction to oil. These new hybrids would offer consumers a fifty mile all electric range, get the equivalent of 100 miles per gallon, be fully recharged at night and deliver all the performance and comfort of traditional gasoline powered vehicles without the damaging emissions. We believe Americans will buy these vehicles, which is why we want to sell them."

The whole campaign that AutoNation supported was first launched during the start of this year. It was held Austin and was started out by the city itself and the city's Austin Energy group. This move has actually been successful so much so that they were able to bring in more groups and cities which include people from the areas of Los Angeles, Boston, Dallas, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago, Phoenix, and Baltimore. And because of such an outcome, Will Wynn, the present Mayor of the city of Austin, exclaims, "AutoNation's support of the Plug-In Partners campaign demonstrates the growing momentum for the manufacturing of plug-in hybrids. Mike Jackson certainly knows what type of vehicles that Americans will buy. We salute his commitment to help us reduce this country's dependence on foreign oil and decrease greenhouse gas emission while also lowering fuel costs for consumers."

Indeed, plug-in hybrids do bring about a lot of advantages for both the environment and for the people. The environment benefits from cleaner air and lesser emissions and people also do benefit from the same plus other things like lesser expenses. And for people who do would like to simply make their vehicles as unique as they are, there sure would be plenty of Ford, Mazda, or available, depending on what vehicle manufacturers would decide to create their own plug-in vehicle hybrids. Jackson even emulates such by saying, "Next generation batteries are significantly more powerful and can tolerate discharging and charging much more forgivingly than earlier versions. That opens up the possibility of creating a vehicle that will deliver genuine benefits to consumers and society."