Destination Weddings

by : George Meszaros

A gorgeous sunset in the background with an elegantly dressed man and woman dressed in a stunning dress is a great idea for a postcard from paradise. Why not make your wedding part of such picture perfect setting. For more-and-more people destination weddings become the choice for celebrating the biggest day in their lives. Destination weddings are popular with brides and grooms, and just as popular with the invited guests.

A romantic destination wedding can be fun for everyone. Destination weddings make weddings less formal and more enjoyable at the same time. A romantic location gives the bride and groom and opportunity to have their honeymoon in the same location, while the guests can enjoy a vacation flowing the wedding. Having your wedding and your honeymoon at the same location can help you save money. In addition to the money savings, organizing the two together may be less chaotic. Often, resorts have wedding planners that can help you work out the details.

Having a destination wedding doesn't mean that you have to fly all your guests first class and proved them with an all expenses paid vacation get away. Unless you are independently wealthy, your guests are expected to pay their own expenses. Therefore, if you think most people you'd like to invite to be part of your destination wedding would not be able to afford such a get away, such wedding may not be the best idea for you. Make an estimate how much it would cost to take a short vacation to your choice of destination, and make a decision whether or not it would be affordable for your guests.

A destination wedding is not only a large financial commitment, but it is a large time commitment. Most people you invite will have three-four hours for a traditional wedding, but many may not be able to get away for several days. They may have previous commitment they may not be able to cancel to travel to your destination wedding.

Make sure you inform your guests as early as possible to leave them enough time to plan for your wedding. They have to be able to make plane and hotel reservations in advance. If your destination is outside of the USA, you have to leave them time to obtain a passport.