Home Typing Scams!

by : BB Lee

"Home Typing Scams" are one of the highest ranking work-at- home scams on the Internet according to leading Internet fraud watch dogs.

You see these "Home Typing Jobs" advertised across the Internet. You probably receive their pitches in several emails every day. These companies typically target anyone who wants to work-at-home. Unfortunately, most of these typing jobs are frauds. The following is a typical ad:

Home Typist Opportunity! We offer you an excellent opportunity to earn cash working from home as a "Home Typist." These jobs are available world wide, you can set your own hours. Make up to a $1,000 dollars a week working full time. No experience required!

Here's The Usual Scenario: You receive a pitch like above for a "Home Typing Job" in an email. The company sounds legitimate, claiming to provide clerical help to leading business firms. They claim they are over loaded with work and are recruiting new home based workers.

The ad peeks your interest.

So, you respond to the ad with high hopes. They send you a request. In order to process your application you must send them a fee of anywhere from 29.00 and up. This is the point where the red flags should go up.

Warning...Warning..Warning...Scam Alert!

But they don't. So, you send them the requested fee and wait with baited breath for your first Home Typing Assignment!

In response (if any) they send you a list of companies who might be hiring home typist. Or they might supply you with a disc that includes instructions on how you can place similar ads for home typist online or in print publications..and sell respondants the same disc. Thus joining the ranks of the scammers.

Who are the easiest victims according to online resources?

Moms at home raising children. The disabled who are not able to take outside jobs. Low income people desperate for cash. Uneducated people with no job skills.

Actually, in my opinion, just about anyone looking to make extra cash might fall prey to these deceptive and misleading ads.

Be Wise:

Remember, the majority of Home Typing Opportunities online are scams. But if you do decide to get involved investigate the company. Check the Better Business Bureau. Are they listed? How long have they been in business? How many complaints have been filed against them?

Report Offenders:

If you've been scammed by one of these companies report them to the following agencies.

The Federal Trade Commission.


Consumer Protection Agency.

Better Business Bureau.

BB Lee (C)2004