A Good News For Dog Owners: Owning A Dog Help You Lose Weight

by : Ashish Jain

Dogs have always been mank's best allies. They are great stress busters, excellent protectors and faithful companions. And if you are overweight and bothered about it, theymay also help you shed weight.

A recent Canadian study found that owning a dog almost doubles the time spent on walking, which of course has a telling effect on one's health. These sweet and affectionate creatures make people get up and going day after day. The fact of the study were reported in the American Journal of Peventive Medicine. Around 351 adults participated in the study and it was found that the average duration of walk per week for the dog owners was close to 300 minutes while those without dogs walked for only 168 minutes every week. That's quite a considerable difference and can make huge difference to those who walk to lose weight.

The general idea that dogs inspire one to be physically active seems to carry a lot of weight. This is possibly because dogs not only make you run with them by pulling you around but also make you do it happily as when you are with your dog you are not burdened with the thoughts of exercising and keeping yourself fit, for you are happy playing with the creature.

This makes you lose weight and stay effortlessly. This aerobic workout become a pleasure activity and not a strenuous exercise which increases the likelihood of continuing with it for a longer duration. However, do not go out and get a dog simply because you want to lose weight. That would be an erroneous approach.

Dog is an affectionate creature and unless you enjoy its company, it is unlikely to enjoy yours. In that case it will be a lose lose situation. So, get yourself a dog only if you like having them around or else find some other alternative method to lose weight. For those who already have dogs must take them out for a walk every morning. It is good for health and can help you manage your weight effectively. You and your pet both will enjoy it immensely. After all, there is nothing better than having a healthy beginning early in the day.