5 Steps To Keep A Relationship Fresh And Exciting

by : Ted And Christine Segura

Do you find yourself in a relationship that seems to be drying up? Do you feel like you need to know how to save a marriage? If so, consider these love relationship advice in the following steps.

1.Date your partner

Do you still remember your 1st date with the person you really liked or fell in love with? Were you not excited about it? Sure you were! Do you want to know how exciting a relationship can help you enhance your marriage? Let us tell you that it is still very vivid in our minds the excitement we had in our first date. Perhaps we may not remember all the details but we can surely not forget how we felt. All attention was just towards each other and as the saying goes "the world seemed to have stopped." And you wished the night would never end.

Well then, continue to date your partner reliving those moments to keep the freshness and closeness of your relationship. It's knowing how exciting a relationship can inspire both of you. It's a precious moment were you both can freely communicate leaving behind the daily work, chores and problems. It's a time to relax and just enjoy each other's presence after a busy week.

Consider this love relationship advice. My wife and I go out a least once a week to our favorite coffee shops where we like to dream-build. We also know of a couple, friends of ours who said that Friday night is their night out together. They would normally have dinner and watch a movie after. They will not accept any appointments or invitations from anyone on Friday nights.

2. Take time to give your partner a call during the day

Once again, I remember the days I was courting my wife. The phone was just glued to my ears. It was difficult to say goodbye on the phone. Every chance I got, I would try to call her and her voice was music to my ears. Didn't you experience this somehow? Sure you did! Now after being married for many years, in spite of my busy schedule in the office I still will get a chance to call my wife from the office just to greet her.

3. Send SMS messages

Majority of the people today have mobile phones. This is a great tool also for us to send greetings or sayings to our loved ones. We can be so caught up in the rat race that can take all of our time, with a mobile phone, there is no excuse to send a message or call our loved one using this great invention of communication for a lot of times we may not have the time to buy a card from the bookstore. This is a simple but effective love relationship advice.

4. Always look good for your partner, don't be sloppy

When I was courting my wife, I remember how I tried to look my best for her. I stayed long in fact in the mirror to make sure everything was in the right place like my hair; I saw to it that my clothes had the right color combination and if they were pressed well etc.

Have you watched movies and even read comics that portrayed reality of married people who after many years the wife dress sloppily at home with curlers on her hair in a loose house-dress? The husband doesn't shave daily and wears his favorite torn t-shirt? This definitely removes the romance between them that cannot bring the excitement of seeing each other. We have heard a lot of couples complain about this and also complain that their partners too don't care to keep their figures in shape anymore. They make the excuse that the other should accept him or her, as they promised in their marriage, for better or worse. This can be a reason that can start a situation on how to save a marriage.

Don't do this to one another. Always look your best to make your partner happy and only have eyes for you.

5. Jot down important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries etc.

This may seem insignificant for many, but mind you, this is a big thing especially for wives. Women in general are very sentimental and as they say, it's the thought that counts. I remember my sister in law's experience in their 1st year of marriage. Her husband one day asked her the date of her birthday because he had to write it for a document. This made her furious because she couldn't believe he didn't remember. It wasn't a big deal for my brother in law but that created their 1st big fight because for the wife it was inconceivable that if he loved her, for him not to know much about her. From that time on he made sure he won't forget to send her flowers or at least to give her a birthday card.

In fact, its always nice to give surprises once in awhile on these special occasions. It doesn't have to be expensive but again, it's the thought that counts. These are simple but creative love relationship advice on how to save a marriage. You may think of other ways of exciting a relationship because there is no limit to your creativity.