Toyota Spearheaded a 4-day Safe-driving Event in China

by : Mark Clarkson

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has started its 4-day Toyota Driver Communication (TDC) safe-driving event at the former Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in Guangzhou, China. Said event, which has started last Monday, November 14 and is schedules to end on the 17th, is held in cooperation with the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau.

The 4-day safe-driving will cover a crash course about defensive driving, initial vehicle inspections, proper driving position, blind-spot awareness and emergency braking on dry and slippery road surfaces. TDC instructors from Japan will be teaching the participants. The event is also in cooperation with the bureau's traffic police department.

Over 100 people including the participants, representatives from Toyota, and the officials from the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau, graced the opening ceremony of said event last Monday. In his speech, Mitsuo Kinoshita, TMC executive vice president said, "TDC courses allow participants to really get behind the wheel for a first-hand experience. We look forward to the event increasingthrough the use of the safety tips taughtawareness of the importance of safe driving."

It can be recollected that in 2004, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security has started comprehensive measures to avoid traffic accidents in the major cities in China. Government programs delve on teaching drivers safe driving techniques. TDC courses, on one hand, are famed in emphasizing safe driving instructions and education, which the Chinese Ministry of Public Security is rigorously stressing. . In April 2005, TMC opened the TOYOTA Safety Education Center "mobilitas", a safe-driving training facility at Fuji Speedway in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. In October 2005, a TDC safe-driving event was initiated in Beijing.

TMC, which is committed in promoting safe driving, has been leading TDC courses in Japan since 1987. In fact, its measures to lessen accident are significantly recognized.

The automaker is expecting a total of 200 participants from driving schools, taxi companies, Toyota dealers, and other sectors. The event will put emphasis on road safety. To aid said event Toyota has set forth a 12 Camry sedans.

Camry, a midsize car from Toyota, has been a best-selling car in the United States for 8 years. Now on its 6th generation, the accessories and auto parts for Toyota Camry are enhanced and refined to offer a more comfortable and safer ride.