Window Stickers on Fuel Economy

by : Stacey Wilson

There was a time when all I thought was that I needed to purchase a vehicle. In that process, only then was I able to learn all about the eccentricities and other odds and ends of owning a vehicle.

There are those people who look at a vehicle's and their availability. There are also people who look at the style and design. Other tend to dwell towards the performance of a vehicle. And there are also some who make sure that the vehicle that they would be purchasing would be able to fit their lifestyle. However, one of the basic things that people have tended to overlook is the fuel economy of a vehicle. But with the tapering gas prices a couple of months back, people have certainly been more aware of this.

Now, a report in the auto world has stated that the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States government has already made sure that consumers and people who are in the market for a new vehicle would be greatly and properly informed about the kind of fuel economy that various vehicles in the market offer.

As per the report, EPA has set out new window stickers. These window stickers are those you see on the new vehicles' windows which are set on display. These contain the vital and important specification of the vehicle. EPA also did mention that the new window stickers would have a much lower miles per gallon - some two to four miles per gallon on the average. This is according to the new rules set out by the government agency. The estimated drop for city driving mpg would be around twelve per cent and highway statistics would be going down by around eight per cent on the average. EPA also did disclose that they are having an estimated 18.6 mpg for city driving for all new 2006 cars and vehicles. As per highway travails, the average would be around 24.9 miles per gallon.

If you do need more information on this, you can actually visit the web site made especially for this one. The site can be found on and you can also find information on the new and redesigned window stickers you would be viewing come next year.