Cr-v, Watch Out for the Nissan Rogue

by : Sarah Mcbride

Should the Honda CR-V be on the verge of extinction? Or should the Honda CR-V doubt the new claims that there is going to be a vehicle that would be taking its popularity and market share?

Nissan is going to send out a new vehicle at the 2007 North American International Auto Show and the company calls it the 2008 Nissan Rouge. The company also does claim that this new one is going to make the Honda CR-V run for shelter when it comes in. After all, according to Nissan, they named the vehicle the Rouge for it actually is meant to show "its independence oriented positioning."

In the Nissan range, there are already four sport utilities in its range. However, the company chose to create a new one which would be having its own share of . The main difference that the Nissan Rouge would be having is that it has been designed to have taken a side towards sophistication compared to all other Nissan SUVs. In fact, Nissan's general manager, Bill Bosley, explains, "The Rogue's utility is a little more stealthy. All the necessary compartments and storage spaces are there; they just don't scream 'utility' at you."

People who were already able to take a peep at what the 2008 Nissan Rouge really has to offer were quite surprised to find that the vehicle looks so much like the Hyundai Santa Fe. It has got a length of 182.9 inches and is based on 105.9 inches of wheelbase. It may be quite smaller that the Hyundai vehicle but it just does look almost alike. Compared to the Honda CR-V though, the Nissan Rouge is much larger. Although larger does not necessarily equate to more space and more functionality.

The Nissan Rouge would be available for the public to purchase come the fall of 2007 and Nissan says that it would be having a price of $20,000 as the base. There are options which interested parties can choose to add but of course, that would mean additional fees. But still, Nissan estimates that a complete vehicle with all the trimmings would amount to around $25,000.