Another Large Pickup Truck From Gmc - the Sierra

by : Anthony Fontanelle

General Motors is the world's biggest manufacturer of trucks and this reputation shows in their lineup of passenger vehicles. They have a lineup of large and tough pickup trucks making them one of the top choices for buyers who wants a vehicle that can conquer not only natural terrain but also has good off-road driving capabilities. Their trucks are known not only for their high performance rating but more so for their size. The size of a truck after all plays a big role especially for those consumers who need a lot of space for their luggage. The size and the strength of the truck are also essential when towing is called for especially when driving on off-road terrain.

One such truck from the ranks of General Motors is the Sierra Crew Cab. This pickup truck defines large in its 20-foot long frame; it can come with an 8-foot bed if consumer opts for the Sierra Extended Cab Version. This vehicle has cargo space at the back of the pickup truck is good for those who need to carry around a lot of stuff. With the Crew Cab Version the space is down to 6.6 feet, but still offers adequate room for normal cargo loads. The shorter bed of this version is still longer and offers more space than some of its competitors.

Size of the truck is evident in its adequate legroom and headspace for passengers and the driver alike. The Crew Cab can sit up to six, thanks to the large space that is common to GMC produced trucks. Next to the driver's seat up front, a bench is present with a fold-down armrest that can be converted to seat two passengers in the front except the driver of course. The second row of seating also has the same feature meaning three passengers maximum can occupy that space or the armrest can be folded to give more space if only two passengers are present at the back.

The enormous dimension of the truck means that it needs a hardworking powerplant that can give out high power output whenever it is needed. GMC has given this lengthy pickup truck with a massive 6.0-liter V8 engine that can churn out 345 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque which can power the truck through some of the toughest terrain. This much power is what brake components are made for. The powerful engine gives the tuck close to a ton of payload capacity. That is where its size and toughness plays a major part. And if the Extended Cab Version is the way a consumer wants to go, the payload capacity goes up to over one ton.

In spite of the trucks power hungry engine, its fuel economy is relatively better than similarly sized trucks with equipped with a V8 engine. It has a fuel economy rating of 14.8 miles per gallon on mixed driving, meaning both on the open highway and for shorter trips or city driving. The truck's powerplant, though it is huge and noisy at times especially on slower speeds is much quieter than a diesel engine that consumers can also go for with the Sierra. The vibration of the engine and the noise it made though does not affect the performance of the truck and the comfort of the engine. This fact is due to the design of the body and frame of the vehicle. To add to the comfort of the trucks occupants especially on extended trips, the Sierra comes with an optional ride control suspension that makes the ride quite car-like.